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Building an environment where champions are inevitable.

Family. Friendship. Moto.

Successis a mindset

Winningis a craft.

Families start riding because it is fun. When your child masters the basics of the controls they start racing. As they get better at their craft they win a race or two at their local track. Then you try your hand a Loretta Lynn’s, Mini O’s or Cali Classic. The first experience at one of these nationals is usually eye opening. A full gate of kids who all are the most dominate riders at their hometown tracks. The family scratches their head on the long trek home discussing how to compete at this level, against these kids. The same kids they will compete against for as long as they race.

This is the moment the training facility hunt starts.  You will have a handful of options that consist of private training trying to make a living while racing, 1 or 2 icon facility names that require a year commitment and a few boutique facilities that allow a limited number of kids.

All motocross training facilities will have different styles and approaches. When a child first starts training, seat time with the right form, correct braking, clutch and throttle placement is phase 1. As they progress, race pace intensity and strategy is phase 2.

Progress builds confidence as the child starts to close in on the leaders of his class at national races. And when confidence happens so does winning. This is a simplified explanation. 

Are you prepared?

Loretta Lynn's2021

“Preparation breeds confidence.” All your child’s future bosses watch this race. Loretta’s is where sponsors judge 99% of their companies future supports on riders. 41 of the best riders will be prepared. Will you be?

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